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(This preview version contains Parts 1 and 2. Wolf Girl Accompanying  is not yet complete. (And may wind up being a full-length novel at completion). Edits to these chapters may be made before the release of the final version.)

Kylie's been going through a lot of changes recently- being a teenager, being transgender, and drinking a magic potion to transform into a wolf girl - it can be hard to adjust to. Still, things have been settling down into a nice routine for her and her giant wolf best friend Asalya. Until a young healer named Naomi comes sprinting toward them, a destructive beast of pure shadow chasing right after her! Although it seems hard for a dark magic wolf girl and a light magic cleric to make friends, Kylie becomes determined to help Naomi on her quest and bring her home safely!

A sequel to Wolf Girl Convincing,  Wolf Girl Accompanying is still written in the hopes both readers of the first book and newcomers can enjoy it! Full of both high stakes action and heart-wrenching feelings, I hope you enjoy reading about these kids as much as I've enjoyed writing about them!

(content warnings contain minor spoilers)

CW: Fire, personal endangerment, parental questioning, accidental threat of physical detransition


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A very visceral depiction of a common experience. It's good so far, looking forward to the full thing!

I have to say, I am incredibly excited to see where this goes from here. The hook was absolutely excellent, and Kylie seems like a more-than-worthy new protagonist. There's a lot of conflict set up in these few pages that I am on the edge of my seat to see how it all plays out. Good job, and good luck.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Im loving writing this book and want to make it as good as I can!